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Singapore: The morning Donna forgot everything

Because she was drunk.

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We will start at the beginning, because it is a very good place to start. We awoke on day 2 of Singapore feeling a little worse for wear but had decided to arise early to make the most of our day. We went to Sentosa island, hoping to spend the day at Universal Studios. After a mild panic because everything suggested it hadn't opened yet, Jamie saved the day by actually asking someone. Sensible considering he went to art school. Having just opened, Universal Studios seemed empty, much to our delight. This gave us the opportunity to go on every ride (including the shit ones)...twice. WOOOO. Having decided that we would walk around the park stopping at every ride, number one was a merry go round designed for children of 4 to 9 months. Donna ran off stating that she would throw up stating that the spinning would worsen her hangover...when the ride was due to begin, Laura pleased to secure herself a zebra while Jamie chose what we can only describe as a shit animal, Donna came running towards us declaring she could not be The Girl Who Did Not Go On The Merry-Go-Round...only to throw up seconds later. She would like to make it clear this was in a toilet and not in full view of infants. Laura was thrilled with Donna's timing as she was then able to take pictures with the cast of Madagascar. She thought that she was bad...until Jamie confessed he had been planning his 'mental' poses. The day was spent living it large in the theme park, and much fun was had by all...although Donna's camera was ruined by the Jurassic Park ride because we were too tight, as per usual, to pay for lockers (in our defense it was $8 for 2 hours, knobs). The highlight of the day was our visit to Donkey Live in Far Far Away where we thought we would merely be dancing and singing along with Donkey from Shrek. Jamie, due to his good looks and hideously bald head (because he refuses to grow his hair for his love and her friend) was selected out of approximately 350 men as the Ogre of the audience. As part of his role he had to declare that he was an ugly ogre while farting noises were played in the background. Donna and Laura could hardly contain themselves.

The following day we headed to Orchard Road to look at all the expensive shops we can't afford. We wanted to go into the Chanel shop to see the price of a bag that Laura had bought a fake of but were disappointed to find there were queues to almost all of the famous designer shops. We then went in search of free ice cream as we had received a flyer. We never found the ice cream place. Instead we stumbled across the most amazing market, possibly made for us. Somehow in a blur of joyful spending, we lost two hours of our lives, yet only 25 pounds each, gaining between us about 30 items of clothing...nice. We are wearing them now (not all of them) and we look FIT. Due to this we were unable to go to the Night Safari (soz Jamie) we went to Chinatown for an incredible meal where Jamie took advantage of our drunken state and encouraged the taking of racist photographs. The food was amazing, unsurprisingly we were the only Westerners there which is a sure sign of a good restaurant. We then made our way to Raffles to spend 45 pounds on 3 cocktails and eat out body weight in bar nuts to make up for it. Having gone on a wild goose chase for a friend of Jamie's who clearly hates him and stood him up we ended up where we belong...back in the open arms of Nimrod.

3 towers of beer later it was 3.30 am and in a taxi on our way to the riverside with our favourite guitarist. We had an amazing night, singing along to some classic songs with Nimrod, our trained monkey. We requested, Nimrod played. Brilliant. Luckily Laura stopped drinking 2 hours before Donna, sensible since we got home at 8am.

The next two days were pretty uneventful due to a lot of needed sleep...miserable because we had to leave Asia...and unlikely to change.

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