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New Zealand: Life without the family

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Back at our hostel in Christchurch, we set about dinner on our own, feeling a bit down having left the family. Obviously food was the only thing that could cheer us up and we were thrilled to be handed a bowl of chicken wings, onions and rice by a lady who'd made too much. She seemed a little overwhelmed by our gratitude...but it was fantastic and of course we could never have made them. We then set out back to Base Bar to meet the London boys, but were disappointed when Liam and Mikey pissed off to a strip club, probably to show off their pole dancing skills that they had honed earlier in the evening at the pole dancing competition. They had also entered Laura, much to her surprise when whilst at the bar, her name was called. Needless to say,she didn't feel the need to partake. Much of the evening was spent drinking and chatting with Andy and Clarky, Laura demanding of Andy what he would cook her for a three course dinner date...it sounded lovely, but she was less keen on dessert, which was Andy himself.

The next morning was a typical early Kiwi morning and we were feeling a little worse for wear. This didn't matter however, as we had decided that the people on the bus would be shit and we wouldn't need to bother with them. As they walked past us on the bus we rated them positive or negative in the cool stakes...they didn't stand a chance after the family. We arrived in Kaikoura again, and realised that our assessment of the bus had been correct and decided that the only girl we had bothered to talk to was boring and a pain in the arse. We felt like we had fully completed Kaikoura on our last visit and didn't fancy another 4 mile trek to see some more seals so the day drifted by with sleep, internet and food. We did make another appearance at Pommie Mike's pub quiz and watched the beginning of Notorious, a film about the Notorious B. I. G.'s life, being surprised by how interested we became...we must have been bored.

The next day, we went up to Picton to get the ferry across to the North Island and we arrived in Wellington when it was already dark. It looked like a really cool place so we were sad we could only stay a night, but we had used up all our extra time in Queenstown. We went for a walk along the harbour which was really nice and Laura was thrilled when we passed a playground with a slide. Donna not so much. We both decided to walk up as far as the last tree with lights on to have completed Wellington.

Taupo was our next stop which we really liked. We stopped at a waterfall on the way and whilst waiting for the Kiwi bus to reappear, Donna turned around to find Laura in deep conversation with the two old men in the giftshop about the dangers of skydiving. Typical. We were told that unless you were skydiving, the highlight of Taupo was the natural hot springs by the river, and that they were free. Not sure if we would go in given that it was already 5pm and freezing, we weren't sure what to expect when we got there, convinced it would be lukewarm river water. How wrong we were. The pools were approximately 85 degrees, and Donna, in typical ginger style couldn't get in straight away. Laura was in heaven though. The pools were tiered and we were disappointed to see the first one was full, but once we got a bit higher, we found our own private pool. We were delighted. Eventually some English lads showed up, which we were not happy about, but they were actually really nice and after 15 minutes talking to them, they had somehow convinced us to cut out America and head back to Thailand.

That evening was ladies' night in Base Bar and this of prompted all the guys to dress up as girls to get free drinks. This was entertaining for us, as we spent at least the first hour deciding whether one of them was a really unfortunate boy or a really unfortunate girl. When Donna saw the hairy armpits, it suddenly became clear. For the second time that day, Donna left Laura alone for 2 minutes, returning to find her surrounded by old men...only this time no one was speaking. This looked rather odd as the men were practically sitting on Laura when there was plenty of space anywhere else in the bar. She then caught Donna's eye mouthing 'how has this happened again?' and insists it was not her fault. Donna would like to point out that this has never happened to her...

The next day we went to Rotorua and given that Laura was feeling ill, and Donna hungover decided that the most strenuous activity they could manage was the cinema. A great idea as 'Get him to the Greek' was truly hilarious. The next day we went to the Polynesian Spa...more thermal pools but a little less rustic. Seven varying temperature pools overlooking Rotorua Lake. We then spent the evening at a Maori village which included buffet dinner and Maori dancing. It was so much fun and the food was incredible. Laura who had reacquired her appetite was thrilled although Donna honestly thought she might explode especially when Laura insisted she could not leave until they had both had dessert. Laura still thinks she could have had another plate whilst Donna put on a poor show, and we were both annoyed that we missed the tea and coffee...we are backpackers after all and must get our money's worth.

Our final Kiwi stop was Auckland where we were reunited with Steve our bus driver from the South Island. We were shocked to realise that we were actually pleased to see him as he brought back happy memories of the family. We were less pleased that Auckland was grey and rainy and as it was a big city there was not much to do as we didn't want to spend money. The highlight was accidentally bumping into Chalky in the bar at Base which resulted in far too much drinking and our entry into a speed pool competition. After complaining that neither of us could play pool, we were promised that in the first round we would play each other. Donna was onto a winner until she potted the black in true Donna style, Laura was out in round two despite the fact that the halved the number of balls she had to pot...how embarassing.

Before leaving Auckland, the time finally came for us to get rid of the Winter clothes. There was a second hand clothes shop across the street and Laura was distraught when she was told that they couldn't sell her clothes and they would have to go to a charity shop instead. Tropical Brasil, the jumper Laura stole in Sydney didn't even make it across the street for fear of embarrassment so it was left in Base. If anyone sees it, treat it with care. We were both keen to move onto Fiji in search of Sun...

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New Zealand: The family hit Queenstown

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Following the previous night, we decided that in order for Donna to survive her bungy jump, Jules to survive her Canyon Swing and Laura to survive watching Donna's bungy jump, another Fergburger was in order. Timing as essential so we grasped our "food window" with both hands and head straight to Fergburger for breakfast/lunch. Deciding this wasn't enough, we also head to a lovely pub for mulled wine. This seemed to do the trick and waving goodbye to Jules (hopefully not for the last time), we went to the bungy centre exactly on time in the hope that we could jump straight on the bus. How wrong we were. Donna was delighted when she was weighed for the bungy jump and her weight written on her hand in indelible ink, and equally pleased when she was told that the shuttle to the jump would be half an hour. Laura was thrilled as she got writing on her hand as a spectator, but was convinced people would think she had done the jump as well. Donna had to sit through half an hour of watching all the AJ Hackett jump footage with Laura freaking out that she couldn't cope with watching.

Eventually the shuttle arrived. We were then informed that it was a 45 minute ride to Nevis and that we could use the time to 'think about what you've signed up for'. The worst part was driving past Laura's bridge bungy jump, Karawa Bridge, for the next day, which taller from a distance...the blue water had been deceptive the day before, and being told that Nevis was three and a half times higher. Happy days. We were thrilled to even make it up the tiny track to Nevis, but realised that if we had survived the trip to Louang Phabang, we could survive this. While Donna was being strapped into her harness, we realised that our bus was taking the London boys back after their jump. Laura ran up to talk to them, only to recieve a torrent of abuse for not doing the jump herself. Donna was just pleased to see them all alive. Laura was surprised.

More waiting followed, as it took two carriages before we could go through for Donna's jump. During this time, we were told how to unhook your legs to avoid coming up upside down, and watching in the distance, the majority of people failing to manage to do it and coming up upside down. Laura insisted that Donna should not worry about it and not risk unhooking herself completely and that it wouldn't be that embarassing as most people couldn't handle it, Donna however, remembering that Robyn had suceeded, told Laura that she would rather fall after unhooking herself completely than fail where Robyn had not. Laura being the golden only child could not understand sibling rivalry.

We then were sent over to the Nevis highwire capsule chatting to another girl who was jumping, she was from New Zealand. Laura was quite surprised when she was asked if she too was from New Zealand herself...Donna hadn't even realised. Laura tried her best to be there for Donna, taking lots of pictures to 'document' the experience and exclaimed when Flo Rida, Low, came on, that it was a great sign and Donna would definitely survive. All too soon, it was Donna's turn and Laura got in position to take photos. Laura, who was right beside Donna every step of the way, got chattin to the bungy guy who asked her why she wasn't doing it...she said that she was too chicken to do Nevis, but would be doing the bridge jump the next day. He then unhelpfully declared that this would be much worse as you are far closer to the bottom so you can see it all that bit clearer. Meanwhile Donna was pushed out onto the tiniest ledge in the world, afraid to look down for fear she wouldn't jump and not being so impressed to be pushed out further, especially when the weight went over the edge giving an unpleasant tug. They don't let you fanny about on the edge though so after 3, 2, 1 bungy, she jumped. Laura did an excellent job filming and you can hear a loud 'WOO' in the video that Donna is not dead. Having being brought back up the RIGHT way round, Donna showed zero self-restraint and bought everything, photos and video, this could possibly have been because she was shaking so much she pressed the wrong button on the screen...

We made it back to Queenstown and were really pleased to discover it was the first night of the Winterfest with fireworks, cinammon doughnuts and more mulled wine. After which, Donna felt the need to go out as she was still buzzing from her jump and Laura and Jules deciding they needed an early night as they needed the rest before their sensibly timed 9am bungy jump...

All of us got up early, Donna, Charlotte and Totes in a photographer capacity and this time, Laura and Jules as the jumpers. It was Donna's turn to feel nervous as Laura had done a great job filming her jump, she felt the pressure to do the same. We arrived at the freezing cold Karawa Bridge first thing and Laura was also thrilled to be weighed next to Jules, who weighs as much as a bag full of air. She was not happy to weigh less than Donna (but continued to eat pies for breakfast for the rest of her time in New Zealand). Donna, Charlotte and Totes took up their position at the side to get the best pictures leaving Laura and Jules to be strapped up alone. Having watched the girl before them jump feet first - a big no no when you're attached by your ankles, Laura and Jules were thrilled that they had spent so much time practising their bungy jump whilst drunk, insisiting they would not do this. Neither of them were thrilled to learn that the person attaching them was a trainee, but Laura suddenly felt confident when she realised it was Donna's guy training him and that he recognised her. This bungy jump isn't such a conveyor belt, so unfortunately for Laura and Jules, there was time for jokes. They made their way to the edge, Laura convinced that her harness had loosened and insisting it was double checked. The trainee then told them that it would be 5 4 3 2 1 bungy. They were not happy about this having spent hours practising 1 2 3 bungy, confident this would be how they would do it. All this time, Jules was still clinging on to the bridge and was told that she needed to remove her hands. Donna, at the bottom, could hear all the numbers happening on the bridge and was increasingly nervous that she would miss the actual jump. Finally ready, Laura and Jules counting down, annoyed at the random numbers the two staff members were shouting at them. After much hesitation they finally jumped and had an emotional hug at the bottom.

Now everyone was buzzing, so we head back to town, just in time for the Winterfest street carnival. Laura and Charlotte ran around like mad men trying to get pictures with every character in sight, Laura was thrilled to meet Ronald McDonald for the first time in her life. Funnily enough, the only picture the other girls got involved with was with a fireman. After this we went to investigate luging, but decided that following all the photo package purchases we'd made from the bungy jumps, we didn't go as we should probably save money...unfortunately we were left with Charlotte and Totes, and this was not possible. We all spotted a Kiwi Sanctuary and decided we'd see how cheap it was, before going in to waste time. Charlotte thought she was being subtle, when the ticket lady's head was turned, to force us through the doors without puchasing a ticket. Having spent approximately ten minutes walking round discussing how shit it was and noting all the cages with broken fences and after walking out of an incredibly boring Kiwi feeding, we decided to leave. Unsurprisingly, the ticket lady caught us on the way out telling us that we had to buy a ticket, costing approximately ten dollars more than luging would have. Luckily she gave us a student discount and we saved about 2 pounds. Laura would not stop reminding Charlotte that she owed us money, which was never repayed and attempted to reclaim payment in kind by stealing Charlotte's Blackberry cover. She noticed and stole it back before we left much to Laura's dismay.

That night was another heavy Queenstown night at Winnie's, ending of course, with a Fergburger. The next day, we were all up stupidly early to head to Milford Sound on a day trip. It was stunning and the tour guide was hilarious and resulting in both of us confessing that the Maori accent is by far our favourite in the world. On our boat trip, we had an amazing buffet lunch included and were both understandably furious when an entire Indian family pushed in front of us, deciding to push in front of them on both sides of the buffet. We later discovered the second half of it was their own private buffet and it was in fact us who had pushed in front of them stealing their food. The dahl was lovely. We were both ecstatic to see huge dolphins following our boat the whole way. One of the highlights was a waterfall which had us all convinced that we would crash into as we seemed to be edging towards it disturbingly fast, and with us being at the front of the boat, managing to all get soaked. Halfway through, we went down to an underwater observatory which just made us sad that we couldn't go diving, although Donna wasn't too unhappy given that the water was freezing. The journey back was very entertaining, we know that Charlotte will not be laughing when she reads this, but Luke had saved her purse earlier in the day without her realising (which we all knew) and was frustrated that she still hadn't realised it was gone. When she was freaking out, none of us were too sympathetic with Laura delcaring over Charlotte's laughter that it really wasn't a funny situation, and reminding her that she still owed us money for the Kiwi fiasco...she would not be let off. Eventually she went to ask a member of staff and we used the opportunity to take a picture of Luke and her purse on her camera, telling her on her return that she should look at the pictures from the day to cheer herself up...needless to say after the initial relief, she was not impressed. That night, we had a goodbye meal with Jules. picking three new Fergburgers to split, which was fantastic. We then decided to stay up until 2am to watch England Vs. Germany, what an error. Laura was thrilled the next morning when she was told that she inadvertently did the right thing by not getting up from her 'nap' and missing the whole thing.

We had to be up early the next morning to get our bus to Christchurch with the London boys....the official end of the family. A tragic feeling...and we still miss them terribly.

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New Zealand: The Family

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We arrived in Christchurch with absolutely no warm clothes whatsoever, which was marvellous considering it was midnight, approximately 5 degrees and pissing it down with rain. Luckily our hostel wasn't too far and the next day was a lot brighter. We had been warned that Christchurch was dull so were thrilled that we had two days to fill before our Kiwi Experience started. However, we must be a bit dull as well as we really enjoyed our time there. Almost as soon as we left our hostel the next day, we were told that we were 'pretty fine' by two 10-year olds on bikes (and we actually mean children this time). To make ourselves feel at home, we went for Thai for our first lunch and then stumbled across possibly the best charity shop in the world. Laura could barely contain her glee as she ran around piling on jumpers keen not to miss anything. Donna had to work hard dragging her away from the kimono section, the children's section and the $5 sock section. We narrowed ourselves down to three warm jumpers and a scarf each and thoroughly entertained the lady working there by trying everything on at least twice, leaving already wearing almost everything we had bought. Our puchases included some fantastic matching lumberjack jackets which we have since decided will not be staying in NZ as per the original plan but travelling the world with us.

After cooking another amazing feast for ourselves, we stumbled across free beer and pizza in our hostel. We were thrilled, especially when we were asked to keep the 'party table' free, apparently we were the only ones who did want to party anyway. After a messy night at Base, we went for drunken munchies at McDonalds only to bump into Medhi from Fraser Island. Laura however was convinced that he was in fact Vincent, the only other French guy we've met on our travels and both Donna and Medhi had to work hard to convince Laura otherwise. Photos have suggested that Laura pranced the whole way home choosing to swing herself around any large pole she could find.

The following day, we went to the Botanical Gardens, as always, and Donna forcing Laura to go and investigate the punting claiming that she could almost definitely do it better than the professionals we could see. We then went in search of 'Science Alive!'. After a ridiculously long walk, we were told that it closed in an hour and it probably wasn't worth going in, much to Laura's disappointment after she discovered there was glow in the dark miniature golf. Since then, she's been desparately trying to find a way to spend an extra day in Christchurch so we could go back. Much to her dismay, this did not happen. That evening we were led to a tiny bar off a side street with our hostel for the best free barbeque we've experienced. The bar was run by a hilarious Asian family who spent all night on the karaoke. We did not join in.

We were up bright and early the next day for our first Kiwi Experience bus. Nervous about the group after Fraser Island, we kept reminding ourselves that we could always stay an extra day to get another bus if they were boring. How wrong we were. What followed was a truly incredible couple of weeks with 'the family'. Once on board, clueless about how the Kiwi Experience works, we were told that we would be going to Kaikoura first. The available activities were whale watching, dolphin watching, dolphin swimming and seal watching. We decided that having seen dolphins in Australia, we would go for the whale watching. Laura asked Donna in jest, how annoyed she would be if she really badly wanted to do the seal watching, considering we were only in Kaikoura for a day and could only do one. Donna replied that if she really wanted to do that, of course they could, although she would probably recommend seeing the seals in Norfolk instead. The sign-up sheet got to us and we were greeted by a $160 price tag for the whale watching. Seals were free. We have now seen more seals than we ever need to and Laura will not be making the trip in Norfolk. She was however thrilled to see one throw up right in front of her...and less keen to see that the seal was probably slowly knocking on death's door. Donna was happy to watch the seals from the safe space on the bench when Lozzy Dolittle ran off to take a picture of a massive group of seals. She soon ran back fearing death by seal as one was hidden in a bush behind and screamed at her to piss off.

That evening there was a pub quiz, which no one in our room was going to...we were not feeling hopeful about the group. We went for a fish and chip dinner and stumbled across some people from our bus, one of them a really friendly guy called Luke we had already spoken to at our pie stop earlier. This is where we met Julie, an essential member of the family, soon to be Laura's bungy buddy. We all went off to the pub quiz run by Pommie Mike and the Lucious Lisa and were soon in a team called the Spunky Whales and Luke confessing that he found it hard not to remember we were not the lads from London and quickly shattering our illusions that he was a nice boy, breaking the ice and allowing the true Laura to emerge. Pommie Mike was a raging pervert, and despite his 40-something years could not give up trying it on with an 18-year old birthday girl. May we add that there was a round specifically dedicated in Pommie Mike's sex life.

On the next bus, Luke dragged us to the back instantly solidifying our place as the cool loud kids on the bus. Our next stop was at a brewery in Nelson for wine and schnapps tasting. We were thrilled that it only cost $2, and we managed to get a free glass of wine when the woman in the shop saw us eyeing up glasses that had not been finished by other members of the group. Laura also bagged herself a free t-shirt by whining until it was hers and we didn't pay for the shots. We all left in high spirits. This all changed once we arrived at Nelson and quickly started on the walk to the Centre of New Zealand with the rest of the family. You'd think after Bokor we would be used to uphill but all it has done is convince us we never want to go anywhere with an incline again. We were not impressed by the walk to the centre. The two new members of the family, Totes and Charlotte, ran off ahead and weren't keen to be in any of our pictures. On the way down we confessed we didn't like them...we did already warn you about this girls if you're reading, we adore you now. Charlotte has even made it onto Laura's top five travelling buddies (Totes didn't), yes she is giggling away at this now. In typical Kiwi Experience style, once we arrived at the hostel we were told about a dinner deal which was too good to resist. Everyone in the family agreed and we guiltily ate our way through a lamb roast dinner and chocolate cake pudding. For Laura this also included an entire bowl of seafood chowder as she couldn't bear to see it go to waste.

Our next stop was Westport, if AIDS was a town, Westport would be it. Even the guidebook described it as dingy. Indeed it was. Most people went off to do activites (again costing them around $5000 each) while we along with Dave indulged in a free beer tasting. This was the night of the first family dinner cooked by Dave and Jules and was amazing. We all then went to Steve, our bus driver's house, to watch two rugby games. During the game we first got chatting to the London boys with Laura introducing herself to Clarky by trying to pickpocket him which he did not enjoy causing him to declare that he would hit a woman. Undeterred Laura continued and was soon labelled Jo Brand on account of her dry emotionless sense of humour. This name has stuck.

The next day we stopped off at Cape Foul Wind for a coastal walk, Steve would meet us down the road with the bus. It was only half an hour, but felt like the longest walk of our lives. Once we got back to the bus, not a single part of our bodies were dry including the only jeans we'd brought with us and most of our jumpers even down to Laura's underwear. What followed was a massive changing session on the bus as everyone struggled our of their wet clothes and into anything dry they could find. We were not pleased with Steve who seemed to find the entire situation hilarious but were pleased as we had been told we would be staying in a hotel that night...plenty of opportunity to dry our clothes. Again, another hilarious joke on Steve's part. We were staying in the infamous Poo Pub which was dedicated to the Kiwi Experience. The rooms were very smelly cabins and the showers were outside. It is also literally in the middle of nowhere. All there was to do was to get drunk especially considering the weather and everyone got on it at 5pm. The only good thing was the dinner we got served, steak and venison stew...absolutely amazing. The theme of our fancy dress party was 'tight and bright'...everyone (the cool kids of course) made a fantastic effort and outfits included a giant babygrow, teenage mutant ninja turtle, a lot of men dressed as women, a guy in just an apron and a male fairy. This prompted the names babygrow, turtle and apron to stick, we've only just learned their proper names. Drunkeness and stupid games ensued. When we were finally thrown out of the pub and were walking back to our dorm we found the London boys running out of their room screaming as Charlotte and Luke who had disappeared 'to get an apple' were getting intimate in their room. When we got back to our room, a very drunken Dave, who had unsuccessfully tried it on with any female in sight (aging barmaid included), angrily demanded of us and Julie 'why is it that girls only go for bad boys?'. We then listed all our boyfriends declaring them all to be lovely (apart from Christian).

The next day we went to Franz Josef where we would be doing our glacier hike. By this point it felt as if we'd all know each other for years. We took full advantage over the next two days of the hostel's free 20 person hot tub although both of us following the previous night steered clear of any seat next to Dave which Julie noticed and found hilarious. We had been warned in Sydney that we would not be able to handle the glacier hike after our complaints about Cambodia and so were a little worried. Walking up to the glacier, we were told that our very big group would be spilt into 4 smaller groups based on ability. The girls saw ourselves as either group 2- or 3+ and decided to go into group 2. Somehow Julie ended up in group 1 with the boys as she was sharing lunch with Luke and refused to leave and it became clear that group 1 were short of 4 people. Everyone suddenly looked at us, Totes and Charlotte, a perfect group of four. Suddenly we found ourselves thrust into group one, which we soon labelled as 'Team Extreme' and petrified we moved on. We don't mean to brag, but we were amazing and found that we couldn't even compare it to Cambodia which is the one time we have not exaggerated about how hard it was. We nearly didn't make it out though when Laura almost accidentally took the wrond turning in an ice cave trying to squeeze us through a crack suitable in size only for a severely premature baby instead of the neatly carved ice steps out of the cave to her right. Donna nearly fell over laughing witnessing the confused expression on Laura's face as she declared there was no way they could get through there.

Next stop was Wanaka. As we arrived Steve informed the group that the best thing to do in the day would be to watch the dolphin feeding at half 5 or go to the cinema which was pretty special. Everyone wanted to go and see a later film, which we couldn't do as we had made plans to meet Kat from diving and Clea, Lara's sister. We decided that we didn't have time to see the dolphins but were keen to go to the cinema, so saw a different earlier film with Julie. We absolutely loved it, and the cinema. We started off with a lovely bottle of red wine which we took in to the one single screen, sat on the sofas they had which filled the room and had home made cookies during the interval. The New Zealand film we saw was called Boy and was absolutely hilarious despite the fact that Laura got told off for getting her phone out before the film had even started, she would like to add. We were thrilled when we got back to the hostel to find out that Steve had lied about the dolphins and there was in fact no dophin feeding time whatsoever. Thanks again Steve. We had a great evening, Clea somehow getting Laura free shots to the point where she couldn't do anymore. It was so nice to see our friends although we were sad that Martin was working and so couldn't make it. Donna did her best to persuade Kat to join her in a dive master next year...fingers crossed! We also stayed up for a massively disappointing England game...apparently a theme for New Zealand.

The following morning was Puzzleworld, we were all massively excited, it was so much fun, although we recommend that you only do the maze if you have plenty of time. We strolled in as Charlotte and Totes were leaving, warning us not to bother, it was actually quite hard to get out. Undeterred, we pressed on, certain that we were better than them and would be able to complete the maze. We were wrong, and couldn't even see how to cheat our way out...including Laura attempting to climb over a fence far too tall for her midget legs. Eventually we made it out, freezing and defeated. We soon got to Queenstown, by far the best stop of the whole trip.

On the way we stopped off at the bungy centre so that everyone could pay for their bungy jumps. At the bungy centre was the Karawau bridge - the site of the first ever bungy jump. A few of the guys on our bus were doing it right then so we stayed to watch. From the top of the bridge, Laura declared that it wasn't as scary as she'd thought it would be, and before she knew it had signed up and paid (non-refundable) for a tandem bungy with Julie. Donna was amazed as Laura had spent the whole trip claiming that she couldn't think of anything worse than doing a bungy jump.

That night was our bus night out and was hideously messy. It began with the naming and shaming of everyone's stupid moments from the trip so far. We will not be writing down what ours are. It ended with an announcement that for ten minutes, Jagerbombs would be only $5. We immediately bought three each. Laura, who can never be trusted in these situations, was then confronted by Julie who demanded why we had not waited for her. Laura's response was to buy another for each of us...which meant 4 jagerbombs in 5 minutes. Excellent. Somehow, Laura ended up signing herself up for the horizontal bungy run with Chalky where she had to down a glass of orange juice in the hope of winning a canyon swing...they lost to some Irish people. We moved on to World Bar where they serve shots in teapots and hand you shotglasses. Again Laura accidentally ended up ordering one each for us rather than one. While dancing, Laura complained that it stank of sick which was soon explained by Donna as she pointed behind Laura to a massive puddle of sick...lovely. We all avoided it by going upstairs to play some stupid and completely unhygenic drinking games. Following that, Dave carried Laura on his shoulders while she squealed like a little girl across the road to Fergburger, a truly magical place, we ended up having one a day...these burgers are as big as your face and we miss them desparately, almost as much as the family.

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